Thursday, 14 July 2016


Title: Over The Line

Author: Steve Howell

Source: Won in a goodreads giveaway

Overview: A dark tale of betrayal, Over The Line is the story of a troubled Olympic poster girl whose life unravels on the eve of Rio. Megan Tomos appears to have everything going for her, but she is privately haunted by the steroid-fuelled death of Matt, a childhood friend. When the police announce they want to question her about the night Matt died, she panics and disappears - only to resurface a few days later arm-in-arm with Will, an old boyfriend who's banned from rugby for doping. Her coach, Liam, is dumbfounded and doesn't know what to make of her erratic behaviour or her relationship with a drugs cheat. He wants to trust her and tries to help, but media pressure is growing and she seems to be hiding things even from him. As layers of her past are peeled away, Megan has to face up to some big mistakes - and the biggest of them is a surprise even to her.

Engaging,Exciting and Electrifying! I didn't want the book to finish. This is one book to watch for 2016; Howell certainly didn't let me down with this novel. I enjoyed how this book was wrote in a 1st person prospective. That plot twist at the end shocked me massively. An improvement i think Howell could have made is that he should have given each and every character a more stronger stereotype. Howell dealt with such a serious issue and gives the reader an worrying insight into the dark side of athletics. Even if you are not a sports fan you will enjoy this book as the book also portrays the way stress is provoked in celebrities through the media like in Meg Tomos's case who is the main character in the book along with Liam who is the narrator in the book and Meg's trainer. 

Overall, not only is this the book to watch in 2016, Howell is the author to watch in 2016 and "over the line" is a must read for all sports fans.


Steve Howell’s debut novel, Over The Line, has won wide praise for its portrayal of a young woman haunted by the steroid-linked death of a childhood friend and troubled by her own reaction to it. Drawing from his experience as a journalist, he has set the novel in south Wales and constructed a plot that's rooted in the reality of an epidemic of steroid abuse for both appearance-enhancing bodybuilding and sport. Steve was born on Merseyside and brought up in north London. He studied at the University of Sheffield before moving to Wales where he has worked for the South Wales Argus and BBC Wales. He and his wife brought up three children in Newport and now live in Cardiff. In recent years, he has turned his attention to fiction, producing short stories as well as writing Over The Line. He is now working on another novel.

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