Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Title: Hold Still

Author: Tim Adler

Source: Received For An Honest Review

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

About The Book: A nerve-twisting thriller from bestselling author Tim Adler. How much do we really know about those we love? Kate is visiting Albania with her husband Paul, a much needed break from Paul's stressful website business. 'Hold still,' says Kate, taking a picture as Paul steps onto the hotel room balcony. 'We'll always be together,' Paul responds. Suddenly there is screaming below and a blaring car horn. Kate stares down from the balcony at the broken body of her husband lying lifeless in the street. Overcome with grief, Kate can't accept the truth of Paul's tragic death, and replays the incident over and over again, searching her pictures for a vital clue to what really happened. When she meets the enigmatic Priest at a grief support group, they journey together into a dangerous world of violence and secrets as Kate realises what Paul really meant when he said he would never leave her......

This book follows Kate who photographed her husbands death and is convinced he was murdered. Throughout the story we follow her every move into trying to figure out if her husband was murdered or if it was a tragic accident.

For such a basic story plot-line, this story did not disappoint. It wasn't such a great beginning but as I got into the book it picked up and left me hooked. The ending came out of no-where and left me in shock! I was disappointed when the story ended as i really wanted the story to continue. Lets hope Adler writes more stories in he future as i will defiantly be purchasing more of his books after reading this phenomenal book.I would defiantly recommend this book to any person who loves to read a thriller.

Tim Adler is an author and commissioning editor on The Daily Telegraph, who has also written for the Financial Times and The Times. His debut self-published thriller Slow Bleed went to number one in the Amazon medical thriller chart while influential review site Crime Book Club made it a Book of the Month. Its follow-up Surrogate has stayed in the Top 40 psychological thrillers for over a year and was a Book of the Month on E-thriller.com. 

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