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REVIEW: The Last Confession Of Thomas Hawkins

The Last Confession of Thomas HawkinsName: The Last Confession Of Thomas Hawkins

Author: Antonia Hodgson

Source: Recieved For An Honest Review

Star Rating: 1 Star

About The Book: London, 1728. Tom Hawkins is headed to the gallows, accused of murder. Gentlemen don’t hang and Tom’s damned if he’ll be the first. He may not be much of a gentleman, but he is innocent. He just always finds his way into a spot of bad luck.    It’s hard to say when Tom’s troubles began. He was happily living in sin with his beloved, Kitty Sparks — though their neighbors were certainly less pleased about that.  He probably shouldn't have told London’s most cunning criminal mastermind that he was "bored and looking for adventure." Nor should he have offered to help the king's mistress in her desperate struggles with a brutal and vindictive husband. And he definitely shouldn't have trusted the calculating Queen Caroline. She’s promised him a royal pardon if he holds his tongue, but then again, there is nothing more silent than a hanged man.     Now Tom must scramble to save his life and protect those he loves. But as the noose tightens, his time is running out.

To begin with this book really appealed to me as i love historical fiction , but just didn't impress which is why i couldn't finish this book. I found that the story-line and the characters confused me a lot and i couldn't see this story going anywhere after 100 pages but i gave it another 50 pages and the story started to bore me which is why i decided to put the book down. This book wouldn't put me off any more of Hodgsons books as it was the plot-line and the characters that put me of; not Hodgsons writing style.

Antonia HodgsonAntonia Hodgson was born and grew up in Derby. She studied English at the University of Leeds. Her first novel, The Devil in the Marshalsea, won the CWA Historical Dagger 2014 and was shortlisted for several other awards. Its sequel, The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins, was released to widespread acclaim in 2015. Her third novel, A Death at Fountains Abbey, comes out in August 2016.

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