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Name: Who Is To Blame

Author: Jane Marlow

Source :Received For An Honest Review

Star Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

About The Book: Jane Marlow’s debut novel is a brilliantly written historical saga of two families—one born of noble heritage and the other bound as serfs to the noble’s household. Set during the mid-1800s in the vast grainfields of Russia, Who Is to Blame? follows the lives of two star-crossed serfs, Elizaveta and Feodor, torn apart by their own families and the Church while simultaneously trapped in the inhumane life of poverty to which they were born.

At the other end of the spectrum, Count Maximov and his family struggle to maintain harmony amidst a tapestry of deception and debauchery woven by the Count’s son. The plot twists further when the Tsar emancipates twenty million serfs from bondage as the rural gentry’s life of privilege and carelessness has taken its final bow, while much of Russia’s nobility faces possible financial ruin.

Aficionados of historical fiction will be captivated by the lyrical flow of Marlow’s intertwining stories of love, loss, courage, and pain against her backdrop of social upheaval. The novel’s riddles flow subtly throughout, spurring readers to ponder where the blame actually lies. In the end, we must tap into our own hearts to navigate the depths and quandaries of the author’s perplexing question.

I didn't enjoy this book. In my opinion it felt very slow to read and i felt the story wasn't going to go anywhere. I did like the portrayal of the characters which was the factor that kept me reading on. I also enjoyed the end in which the author suggested a sequel happening, Overall, i wouldn't read this book again as i felt it was quite slow but their were a few factors in the story which i enjoyed. 


Jane Marlow’s debut novel, a book that was many years and tears in the making. Thanks to her mom and her hometown’s bookmobile, young Jane learned to appreciate the written word. Since then, she has devoted many years to trying to use it properly.

Her stories reflect change over time. The characters, like ourselves, have the choice of rolling with life’s punches, or curling into a ball, or gulping a deep breath and building a stronger, more resilient person. 

Jane is currently working on the sequel to Who Is to Blame?

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