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Title: The Unseeing

Author: Anna Mazzola

Source: Received for an honest review

Star Rating = 5 out of 5 stars

Overview: After Sarah petitions for mercy, Edmund Fleetwood is appointed to investigate and consider whether justice has been done. Idealistic, but struggling with his own demons, Edmund is determined to seek out the truth. Yet Sarah refuses to help him, neither lying nor adding anything to the evidence gathered in court. Edmund knows she's hiding something, but needs to discover just why she's maintaining her silence. For how can it be that someone would willingly go to their own death?

If you love historical fiction then this is defiantly the book for you! The book follows Sarah Gale who has been given the death penalty for her apparent role in the death of Hannah Brown on Christmas eve and Edmund Fleetwood is appointed to investigate to see whether the right decision has been made.Edmund knows Sarah is hiding something but Edmund wants to know what she is hiding.

This is one of my favorite pieces of historical fiction I have read in a long time. Its hard to believe this is a debut novel; I was gripped from the first word all the way to the last. I enjoyed how their were two perspectives in the book. One from Edmund who is investigating and one from Sarah Gale who has been blamed for the death of Hannah Brown.

The characters are well portrayed as well because  I could imagine Sarah Gale in her cell and Edmund Fleetwood in the prison visiting Sarah all the time. One extremely minor fault with the book i had was that some scenes in the book seemed to drag on a bit but otherwise this was a phenomenal debut novel.


Image result for anna mazzolaAnna lives in Camberwell, London, not far from where the murder at the heart of The Unseeing took place. The Unseeing is Anna's first novel. She is currently working on her second, which is about a collector of folk tales and fairy lore on the Isle of Skye who realises that girls are going missing.


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